Try This at Home

Sometimes we want ideas for growing our marriage, but we're not quite ready for therapy. It could be that:

  • Your spouse isn't willing and you don't want to start without them yet,
  • Finances aren't quite at a place where you can afford a therapist,
  • You would like to try on your own, or
  • You just want some ideas for improving your marriage.
We are excited about this new "Try This At Home" section of our website! It is designed to provide you with a host of ideas you can implement at home. Each idea is designed as an "improve your marriage" technique that you can try without a therapist. We've also included an interactive aspect to this section so you can share your ideas and comments about the techniques.
Check back often as we add new ideas we use in our office and workshops. In time, we plan to have a "Do It Yourself Marriage Therapy" guide here so you can start improving or problem-solving your marriage on your own.
Until then, we have several ideas you can try at home.
Jump in. Give it a try. Your marriage is worth it.
     If you get stuck, call a marriage therapist to help you get unstuck.  

"Because I Love You"

Our most popular exercise.


Fun Date

Guidelines for one of the most important exercises you can do as a couple.

Make It Sacred

A simple encouragement to make your marriage time a priority.

Working Date

A highly impactful habit for couples to practice.

Couple Checkup

A quick and inexpensive professional checkup of your marital health.